Multi & Hyperspectrale

Multi & Hyperspectrale

Hyperspectral imaging represents a growth in machine vision industry because new applications are emerging. Thanks to our optical and LED management skills, EFFILUX has chosen to develop full spectrum LED lighting. Indeed, EFFILUX works closely with hyperspectral camera manufacturers in order to deliver the LED lighting which fits the best with customer needs. The spectrum is totally customizable, EFFILUX can provide either the full spectrum than a one with specific wavelength (from 400nm to 1700nm).


  • Chemical imaging
  • Waste & plastic sorting
  • Food & Pharmaceutical inspection
  • Tissues discrimination
  • and many others industrial

This list provides a quick look of various ways hyperspectral technology is being used today, but perspectives are endless. Hyperspectral imaging has opened new paths where traditional vision systems could not meet user needs so far.

Full-spectrum example