Waterproof LED bar resistant to washing chemicals of the agri-food industry

- Description -

Meets the requirements of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the IP69K series features a 100% waterproof stainless steel profile specially designed for food industry and washing environments.

EFFI-Flex IP69K is a product combining robustness, compactness and waterproofness. The optical options of the EFFI-Flex are preserved: thus there remains a product adaptable to the majority of the problems of machine vision.

With its built-in driver, you can choose between Auto-Strobe Mode (standard) or Power Control Mode (optional).

EFFI-FLEX IP69K is an EFFI-Flex whose body is made of stainless-steel : Any configuration will have to be defined during the order with preliminary test on EFFI-FLEX (Standard)

- Configurations -




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