EFFI-Sharp powerful and homogeneous shape projector.

effi-sharp powerful homogeneous and focused led projector for machine vision et for quality control at short or long working distance

- Description -

EFFI-Sharp is a LED projector producing very powerful and focused beams. It projects shapes such as discs or squares (or custom shape) to illuminate objects at short or long distance from 20 mm to 2 m.

The FocusLight version allows to focus the beam for a short working distance, providing a very intense lighting.

The Power version emits a light beam 2.5 times more powerful than EFFI-Sharp. The EFFI-Sharp Power features allow it to illuminate objects at large working distance.

The Focuslight Power includes EFFI-Sharp Focuslight and EFFI-Sharp Power features.

Lighting suitable for high-speed video

- Configurations -




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