EFFI-Sline Powerful linear lighting, thin & compact.

EFFI-sline homogeneous and powerful linear LED lighting for industrial vision and quality control.

- Description -

EFFI-SLINE is a high-powerful linear lighting. Its design has been thinking to be easily integrated in contrained areas.

Indeed, this is the ideal lighting to integrate between two rollers on a linear application or even on a grazing application to be closer to the inspected product.

Drivers externalization allow a large possible choice of power modes depending on your application.

Diagram showing an application of the EFFI-Sline in grazing use.

Grazing inspection on weaved materials

Diagram showing an application of EFFI-Sline in a restricted area.

Linear inspection with linear camera in constrained area

- Configurations -

All information about the optical configuration of the EFFI-Sline.


All the information concerning the mechanical configuration of the EFFI-Sline.


All information regarding the electronic configuration of the EFFI-Sline.


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