EFFI-Smart Double row LED bar .

effi-flex éclairage barre de led haute puissance direct ou rasant ou backlight pour la vision industrielle et le contrôle qualité

- Description -

EFFI-Smart is a double row high power LED bar available in many wavelengths and in 3 configurations (2 rows of 3, 12 or 36 LED). This is the most powerful solution of EFFILUX (2 times more powerful than the previous LED bar EFFI-Flex).

Providing IP65 sealing, the product is customizable by the client. He can open it to change the position of the lens (4 positions) and the window (transparent, semi-diffuse and opaline). Therefore, the client controls both the emission angle and the homogeneity/power.

EFFI-Smart is in some ways the assembly of tricks and technologies of EFFILUX in one product :
- Robust
- Waterproof (IP65)
- Flexible
- Chainable: Double I/O connectors
- Auto-strobe
- Fast rise time

- Configurations -




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