EFFI-Flex optical configurations.

- Length depending on number of LED -

WW : number of LED 1 3 5 10 15 ...
Standard version (every 2 cm) 55 mm 95 mm 135 mm 235 mm 335 mm More than 4 m
1 LED / 2 positions version (every 4 cm) - - 235 mm 435 mm 635 mm More than 4 m

Part number : EFFI-FLEX-WW...

If 1 LED / 2 version, add -L2 (Length X 2) before the number of LED

- Available wavelengths -

Color UV 365* UV Blue Green Red IR White
(T°= 5500 K ± 500 K)
XXX : wavelength (nm) 365 405 465 525 625 850 000

* If UV 365: no lens (not supported) and glass window

Part number : EFFI-FLEX-WW-XXX...

if RGB : -RGB
Other wavelengths are available on request : 385nm, 660 nm, 740 nm, 940 nm...

- Windows -

TR : Transparent
SD : Semi-diffusive
OP : Opaline

EFFILUX offers different types of interchangeable windows to find a good compromise between power and homogeneity depending on the nature of the object to control.

See optical accessory window

Part number : EFFI-FLEX-WW-XXX-YY...

If not specified, default semi-diffuse window (SD)

- Emission angle according to the lens position -

EFFI-Flex offers 4 lens configurations, manually adjustable to change the emission angle.

Position P0* P1 P2 P3
* Without lens

Part number : EFFI-FLEX-WW-XXX-YY-ZZ

If not specified, default P2 position

- EFFI-Flex-Linescan -

Thanks to its optical accessory Flex-Linescan, the led bar EFFI-Flex is transformed into a linear lighting or a darkfield lighting : EFFI-Flex-Linescan.

Without linescan
With linescan

Part number : EFFI-FLEX-WW-XXX-TR-P3-LS
LS : flex-linescan accessory

If flex-linescan, add -LS in the part number
Possibility to buy only the accessory, see part number here

- Polarizer -

The optical accessory Polarizer eliminates glare caused by the lighting on parts to control. The camera can then analyze the part, without being disturbed by the glow effects.

Without polarizer
With polarizer

POL : polarizer accessory

If polarizer, add -POL in the part number
Possibility to buy only the accessory, see part number here

- Custom -

On request (Contact us)

Ex : Cylindrical lens

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