EFFI-Flex adjustable beam angle LED bar.

EFFI-Flex lighting LED bar high power direct or grazing or Backlight for industrial vision and quality control.

- Description -

EFFI-Flex is a product that suits your needs with different lens adjustment positions. It 's an adjustable product in terme of wavelength, a compact and easy to install product.

The EFFI-Flex led bars are fitted with high power LED. Through its diffusers (transparent, semi-diffuse and opaline) and polarizers, EFFI-Flex provides a directional, darkfield or diffuse lighting adapted to many machine vision applications.

- Configurations -

All information about the optical configuration of the EFFI-Flex.


All information regarding the mechanical configuration of the EFFI-Flex.


All information regarding the electronic configuration of the EFFI-Flex.


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