CUSTOM lightings

Thanks to its know-how EFFILUX offers, besides its complete range of lighting products,
tailored products to meet your needs and technical/economical constraints.

For an adaptation of a standard product or a specific request (OEM)
the process is as follows :


With this personalized service, you can modify a certain number of parameters :


- Examples of adaptation of standard products -

EFFI-FD custom

Flat dome with 2 camera holes
& 2 connectors.

EFFI-Flex custom

Multiple LED bars
(more luminance and greater illuminated area).

EFFI-BL custom

Waterproof thin edges backlight with 2 connectors & custom attachment.

EFFI-BL custom

Large backlight (1000x3000mm).

EFFI-Flex custom

Tri-color LED bar - 3 wavelengths.

EFFI-Telecentric custom

Large telecentric.

EFFI-BL custom

Backlight custom form with 2 connectors.

- Custom products -

Light sheet

Visualization of airflow.

"L" projector (50m distance)

Safety markings Ø300mm.