EFFI-SBL IP67 Standard Compliant Compact LED Backlight.

Effilux EFFI-SBL IP67 petit rétroéclairage pour système de traitement d'images de vision industrielle étanche et antipoussière

Small and robust waterproof and dustproof backlight to overcome challenging inspection environments

With a thickness of 15mm and thin edge design, EFFI-SBL offers space-saving advantages and maximizes the area of illumination that can have significant impact on machine vision system with limited space.
In addition, user enjoys exceptional flexibility to choose from a wide range of standard sizes (every 25 mm in each direction) and easy size customization, as well as the option of integrating the dimmer driver inside the light or on the cable.
Thanks to the high uniformity of >90% homogeneous illumination and anti-reflection coating on the diffusive window, users could easily generate evenly illuminated clear image with excellent contrast and avoid hot spots appearance. This long-lifetime backlight is the ideal lighting for machine vision inspection such as parts presence/absence, size & shape measurement, and position detection.

- Highlights -

  • Space-saving small LED backlight with thin edge
  • IP67 Standard-compliant for water and dust protection
  • Standard size from 25mm x 25mm to 200mm x200mm by 25mm steps, customization is available
  • Dimming driver: built-in or cable type
  • Easy-to-use standard M12 cable and fasteners
  • High uniformity (>90% homogeneous illumination)
  • Wavelengths: white, red (other wavelengths are available upon request)

Schéma expliquant le fonctionnement de la réflexion des rayons lumineux sur les parois de l'Effi-IDQ afin d'éclairer de manière optimale l'objet.

- Specifications -

- Custom -

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