Electronical accessories power supplies.

Power supplies - Enable to supply and control the luminous intensity of products by voltage - Available in custom-made.

- Description -

EFFILUX offers power supplies compatible with all LED lighting systems. These boxes can power and control the light intensity of the products by varying the voltage. Up to four lights can be powered with a single supply system.

EFFILUX may also offer you a customized supply according to certain needs. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

Part number Characteristics
EFFI-PWR-050W-24V-102-XX 1 channel - M12, 50W / 24V - 2A
EFFI-PWR-050W-24V-302-XX 3 channels - M12, 50W / 24V - 2A
EFFI-PWR-100W-24V-102-XX 1 channel - M12, 100W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-100W-24V-302-XX 3 channels - M12, 100W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-200W-24V-102-XX 1 channel - M12, 200W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-200W-24V-112-XX 1 channel - M12 PWR, 200W / 24V - 8A
EFFI-PWR-200W-24V-302-XX 3 channels - M12, 200W / 24V - 8A

XX (type of outlet) : UK, CH, EU. Other connectivities on request.

Dimming control is available for TMS range only on request.

- Custom -

On request

Number of connectors, power range, built-in timer...

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