SWIR or Short Wave InfraRed

The SWIR is the spectral band typically defined between 1 and 2.5 μm. On the boundary between visible and thermal imaging, this light field has unique properties.

Indeed, its proximity to the visible range gives it all its imaging qualities in terms of contrast and resolution, and at the same time its infrared spectrum allows it to reveal phenomena and elements invisible to the naked eye:

electromagnetic spectrum SWIR, with different wavelength, from 1 um a 2.5 um
  • See through opaque materials (plastics, silicon ..)
  • Reveal elements like water, lipids, collagen ...
  • See through smoke, fog and dust, day and night.

Using a powerful, controled and camera-adapted light flux, the range of SWIR products leads the way to new applications, overcoming the current limits of lighting.

Below is our range of standard products. For any tailor-made project, feel free to contact us.

- Backlight -

A complete range of Backlights according to the power you need:

EFFI-MBL, backlight basic-power, Short Wave InfraRed


Backlight Basic-Power

Backlight - Uniform and uniform homogeneous LED lighting for industrial vision and quality control - EFFI-MBL-PWR


Backlight Mid-Power

EFFI-CUBE, SWIR, backlight high-power


Backlight High-Power

- Direct Illumination -

Thanks to its great optical and electronic flexibility, our range of reflection lighting fits perfectly with the needs for Area and Linescan SWIR imaging, directive or very diffuse, mono or multispectral.

LED bar - directional and powerful LED lighting for industrial vision and quality control - EFFI-FLEX-SWIR


Adjustable beam angle LED bar.

EFFI-RING-SWIR, adjustable beam power red ring, Direct Illumination


adjustable beam power ring

EFFI-Sharp-SWIR v2 highly powerful LED projector, homogeneous and focused short or long distance for industrial vision and quality control.

EFFI-Sharp V2

New generation of shape projector

- Available wavelengths -

availables spectra SWIRIS

>> Multispectral version available
>> Adjustable spectrum
>> Independant chanels

Spectrum multispectral

For more information about the SWIR range, please contact us.

- Award-winning Technology -

A complete range of Backlights according to the power you need: