The SWIRIS lighting range is specifically designed for SWIR industrial and scientific imaging applications.

Below you will find our range of standard products. For any other safe-to-measure project, do not hesitate to contact us.

- Backlight -

Thanks to its great optical and electronic flexibility, our range of reflection lighting makes it possible to meet the need for matrix and linear SWIR imaging, directive or very diffuse, mono or multi-spectral.


Backlight Basic-Power.

Backlight or Backlight - Uniform and uniform homogeneous LED lighting for industrial vision and quality control - EFFI-BL


Backlight Mid-Power


Backlight High-Power

- Direct Illumination -

Depending on the light output you need, we can offer you a suitable solution.

LED bar - directional and powerful LED lighting for industrial vision and quality control - EFFI-FLEX


adjustable beam angle LED bar.


adjustable beam power ring.

EFFI-Sharp V2

New generation of shape projector.