1. Reveal the invisible with EFFILUX

    10 Sept 2017

    SWIR (Short Wave InfraRed):

    Most of lightings used in machine vision applications do not allow the detection of certain liquids and / or materials.

    Thanks to "near infrared" lighting (SWIR), it is now possible to reveal these elements.

    Electromagnetic spectrum illustrating the SWIR wavelength range

    Indeed, this spectral range allows to :

    >> See through some materials / objects ( ex : wafer, plastics, organical, ... )
    >> See through smoke
    >> Detect the presence of water / liquid


    Highlighting of liquid level
    through a barrel

    Mise en évidence de l'accumulation d'eau
    dans une pomme.

    EFFILUX offers innovative technology for producing SWIR lighting from 900 to 1500 nm (Multi Band or Wide Spectrum).

    For more information regarding SWIR imaging :

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    17 Jul 2017

    EFFILUX Optical knowledge for a better contrast
    How to make fluorescence applications on reflective surfaces ?

    application fluo Typical Fluorescence Application in Machine Vision

    In addition to an efficient LED lighting, an innovative EFFILUX technology allows you to eliminate unwanted reflections.

    fluo sans effilux

    Results WITHOUT EFFILUX technology

    fluo avec effilux

    Results WITH EFFILUX technology

    >> No specular reflection on the inspected object.
    >> Better contrast.
    >> Wide range of lightings (365 to 405nm).

    If you are inerested in this type of application : Please contact us


    May 4, 2017

    Designed for high-speed video
    Up to 3.6 millions lux

    Optimized for short range working distances (5 to 50 cm), the EFFI-SPOT is
    perfectly suited for short exposure time applications.
    With this lighting system, it is possible to control light intensity (dimming control) while avoiding flicker effect (flicker-free).

    >> Its high compactness, power and integrated fan make it the ideal projector for industrial and scientific high-speed applications.

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  4. UKIVA Exhibition 2017

    April 24 2017
    EFFILUX will be present at the UKIVA Exhibition (UK Industrial Vision Association) that will take place at Milton Keynes in the United-Kingdom on April 27th 2017.

    This new conference & exhibition of machine vision will allow you discover the latest developments in the world of industrial imaging.

    >> Do not hesitate to come visit and attend to our conference: STAND n°53 !

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    March 7, 2017


    December 20, 2016

  7. VISION SHOW 2016

    November 8, 2016

    EFFILUX was present at the VISION SHOW 2016 (International Exhibition of Machine Vision in Stuttgart).

    We thank all our visitors for contributing to the success of this show and hope to see you there in 2018 !

    VISION Show

  8. New video EFFI-Smart

    July 27, 2016

    The video of the new LED bar EFFI -Smart is now online!

    See product page

  9. AUTOMATICA show 2016

    June 21, 2016

    AUTOMATICA in Munich is on! You can now join EFFILUX on booth B5.507B from 21 to 24 June.


  10. DRUPA show 2016

    May 31, 2016

    UWAVE, subsidiary of EFFILUX specializing in UV LED sources, is present at DRUPA show in Düsseldorf on stand 6B09 until June 10! The opportunity to expose ULINE, the unique system reaching 14W/cm² at 365 nm and 16W/cm² at 385 and 395 nm. EFFILUX is also on site, we would be happy to welcome you!

    UWAVE, expert in LED UV systems

    DRUPA show

  11. EFFILUX at AUTOMATICA show 2016

    May 16, 2016

    EFFILUX will exhibit its range of innovative LED lightings for machine vision. You will discover its new products 2016, including EFFI-Smart, EFFI-Lase V2 and EFFI-Sharp V2. See you on the stand B5.507B from June 21 to 24 at AUTOMATICA in Munich !


  12. EFFI-Smart, new LED bar lighting

    April 11, 2016

    EFFI-Smart is a double row high power LED bar available in many wavelengths and in 3 configurations (2 rows of 3, 12 or 36 LED). This is the most powerful solution of EFFILUX (2 times more powerful than the previous LED bar EFFI-Flex).

    Providing IP65 sealing, the product is customizable by the client. He can open it to change the position of the lens (4 positions) and the window (transparent, semi-diffuse and opaline). Therefore, the client controls both the emission angle and the homogeneity/power.

    EFFI-Smart is in some ways the assembly of tricks and technologies of EFFILUX in one product :

    Main characteristics :
    - Available wavelengths : green, blue, red, IR et white
    - Aluminium housing
    - Waterproof IP 65
    - Flexible
    - Adjustable emission angle
    - Chainable: Double I/O connectors
    - Auto strobe PNP or NPN and analogic DIM
    - Many optical accessories (polarizer, diffusers)

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  13. EFFI-Lase Power on the front page headline of Vision Systems Design

    April 01, 2016

    EFFI-Lase White LED together with Photon Focus camera / AQSENSE to make 3D color inspection of corks.

    See YouTube video

    Read the article

  14. EFFILUX receives the Montgolfier price in 2016

    March 17, 2016

    The award MONTGOLFIER 2016 took place Thursday, March 17, 2016 in the prestigious halls Light and Montgolfier of the Hotel Industry of the Society for the Encouragement of National Industry. During the ceremony, Olivier Mousson, president of the Society for the Encouragement, awarded the highest honors, before an audience of entrepreneurs, researchers, intellectuals , journalists and politicians.

    Montgolfier of Physical Arts Committee awarded to Jean-Philippe Blanchot, manager and Arnaud Mestivier, sales manager of EFFILUX.

    See YouTube video

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